After 25 years in the traditional employee benefits health insurance brokerage industry, Bill Gimbel finally asked,

“Why is the industry the same as it was when I started?”


Rather than be the “old school” paper driven, old boys club insurance industry, Gimbel wanted to create a technology enabled, customer focused solution. 

LaSalle Benefits is focused on attracting great internal talent who care about YOU.


With technology platforms that service clients all over North America, and all over the world, LaSalle Benefits is thinking about how to make your employees lives easier.  When it comes to employee benefits, what traditional brokers have forgotten is “IT’S ABOUT THE EMPLOYEES”

The old school approach to corporate benefits is there are three parties:  The insurance companies (they determine the cost), the client (ceo, HR, cfo) who pays, and the broker (who’s job it is to be an advocate of the client).  However…one piece is missing, your employees!

Benefits should be a must have.  With the enablement of the ACA in 2010, the rules changed. 

Forgetting about the employee as a corporate buyer is a big mistake.  Why?  Because of the culture you want to have.

For too long, employee insurance has been viewed as complex, only an emergency necessity that employees don’t really care about, but need to have.  So brokers shopped price, and forced one size fits all programs down corporate buyers throats.  Today, LaSalle Benefits changes the game!

If your culture isn’t good there are a lot of reasons why:  bad management, bad office space, bad benefits, bad hiring, etc.


We realize that culture and minimizing turnover can be greatly impacted by the right benefit program.

LaSalle Benefits starts out with a targeted employee survey of your staff to find out how they view the benefits they currently have.  What they like, what they use, what they want.  We provide this information free to you, our client…as a value add. 


Improve your culture by knowing your culture. Then, we will help you refine your package to retain your staff. 

Why wouldn’t traditional brokers do this?  Because it’s time consuming and you have to not only ask questions, you have to listen.  Then you have to be able to communicate the takeaways, and find solutions. Lets us help you put your employees first. 


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